Choosing a Health Plan and a Provider

You will be asked to choose a Health Plan and a primary care provider (PCP) from that Plan for each member of your family who has Medicaid or LaCHIP. (A Health Plan is a group of doctors, nurses, and other staff who work together to provide health care. A primary care provider is a doctor, nurse practitioner, or clinic that provides family care.)


  • Your PCP will get to know you and your health care needs. The PCP will provide most of your care, keep your records, and ensure that you see specialists when you need to.
  • You will also get no-cost preventive care, such as checkups and education, to help keep you well.

Health Plans

Your Health Plan will make sure you can see the right doctor when you need to. All Plans provide the same medical services you had in Medicaid or LaCHIP. The Plans also offer extra services, such as diabetes or asthma management programs. Plans also may offer extra benefits such as gift cards for people who take their children to the doctor for checkups.

Tips for choosing a Health Plan

If you have a doctor now

  1. Make a list of the doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other providers you use now. Decide which ones are important to you and which ones you want to keep using.
  2. Find out which Health Plans the providers work with: Either Search for the providers to find out, or call the doctor, or call Bayou Health to ask.

If you don't have a doctor

If you don't have a doctor, choose a Plan first.

By comparing Plans, you can see which Plans offer services you want. All Plans offer the same basic benefits and health management programs, and some offer extra services as well. See what Plans have programs and services you want. Some examples of programs and services are:

  • help managing your asthma or diabetes
  • rewards for staying healthy or getting checkups for your children

What happens if you don't choose?

If you don't choose a Plan and enroll within 30 days after you get your packet, a Plan will be chosen for you. It is important to choose!

If you have questions, call Bayou Health at 1-855-BAYOU-4U
(1-855-229-6848). We can help!

Who is not required to join a Plan?

You may not need to join a Health Plan if you:

  • get a yellow letter from Bayou Health, or
  • are Native American or Alaskan Native, or
  • have a child getting care from a Children's Special Health Service Clinic,

Most people in Medicaid and LaCHIP must join a Plan. Call Bayou Health if you have questions.

What is Bayou Health?

This program was created to improve the way many Louisianans get health care. Read about why this program was created.


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